GDP Basis (Good Distribution Practice) training - Medicijnen

GDP Basic Hungarian


40 minuten


€ 35

The GDP Basic Hungarian training covers the basics of the GDP Guidelines. This training is intended for people who work with pharmaceutical products. *This GDP training is in the Hungarian language!

The following topics are covered in this course:
– Pharmaceutical products
– Legislation
– Dramas in the past
– Rules of conduct of the staff
– How to deal with arrival of goods
– Working in the warehouse
– Special storage condition
– Preparation
– Cooling
– The transport of pharmaceutical products
– Counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products

The e-learning ends with various questions about the content that the student has read. When the student has answered a X number of questions correctly, it is possible for him/her to download a certificate, which counts as proof that he/she has followed the training: GDP Basic Hungarian.

GDP Basic Hungarian

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